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Freckle Removal Cream

Skin Freckle Removal start lightening in 28 Days
Get rid of Freckles spots and
Resume no Freckles with no skin harmful



***Freckle Removal CREAM, Freckles spots Removal***

Freckles (age spots) is a problem of particular cosmetic concern in Asia. Efficient, long-term depigmentation has been challenging the cosmetic research for years. As freckles is an important sign of the photo-ageing process, this freckle removal cream was initiated to explore the supplement's depigmentation effects.


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Freckles is a common skin condition that many people suffer from. It is identified as the darkening of the skin or nails due to increased levels of melanin.

Freckles is actually caused by or linked to several other conditions such as eczema, irritant contact dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis, melasma, and more serious conditions/diseases such as Addison's disease, choasma, Peutz-Jeghers syndrome and acanthosis nigricans. For some, freckles is not aesthetically pleasing, while for others, it can cause deeper emotional and psychological problems.

Treatment for freckles is considered a long process. However, the key to treating the skin condition is by finding the right product and the right solution. You can try many products in the market, and find that many of them don't actually treat the condition in the long run. Moreover, finding the right solution also means getting the proper diagnosis. Some people are unable to treat their skin condition because they don't know exactly what it is in the first place.


One of the major causes of freckles is exposure to the sun. At times, the skin can get extremely sensitive when exposed to sunlight, and can even become irritated or severely damaged. Freckles is related to many kinds of skin irritation and damage, and so UV rays must be avoided at all times. Applying skin protection such as sunscreens with an SPF 15 or higher can therefore treat freckles.

Other options in the treatment of freckles are dermabrasion, laser treatment, and chemical peels. These treatments can be highly effective, however, risks also come with them. Risks include burning, discoloration, irritation, and high sensitivity in the skin. These can also be expensive and may require you to undergo treatment for more than one session.

A safer and much more affordable alternative to dermabrasion, laser treatment and chemical peels is by using a product that can be applied at h
ome. An example of this type of product is synergy skin care series Freckle Removal Cream and Freckle removal Fluids (Spot Removal Energy Treatment Pack).


Menstruation, pregnancy and aging, with their consequent effect on hormonal balance and the metabolic rate, tend to undermine skin regeneration. With the deposit of skin Freckles, soft tissues such as lips and nipples will take on an unwanted dark hue.

Freckle removal Cream and the whitening qualities of rare herbal essences, consolidated by amino-acids and poly-carbohydrates for long-lasting effects. Freckle removal Cream effectively get rid of Freckles, colour pigments without any harmful effect on the outer skin layer. It also enhances skin metabolism, to give youthful radiance to all areas where it is applied.

Freckle Removal Cream is equally suitable for men and women, but it is not recommended for breastfeeding mothers, While it is harmless, ingestion by infants should be avoided.

Thoroughly cleanse all areas where unwanted colouration has occurred. Applicable areas include face, legs, handsnipples, external genitalia, abdominal ridges and inner thighs.


After thorough cleansing, apply Energy Cream thinly on desired area and massage gently. Repeat the process with energy Fluid. Keep away from eyes. Use twice daily. Avoid exposure to sunlight during the course of treatment.


Freckle Removal Fluid: Ginseng Extract, Amino-acids, Floral Water, Essential Oils of Rose, Lemongrass and Peppermint (Some sedimentation may occur. This has no adverse effects on the quality or effectiveness of the product.)
10 ml

Freckle Removal Cream: Ginseng Extract, Placenta Extract, Amino-acids, Salvia Extract, Gromwell Extract, Vitamin C & E, GAG-Polycarbohydrate, Germall Plus, Distilled Water
10 ml


Apply cream on face in the daytime. Dab fluid on colour spot at night, then apply cream all over face. Significant whitening within days-- but remember to apply sun-block during the day, and stay out of the sun during course of treatment.

Store away from heat & strong light.

--- Avoid contact with eyes.
--- Discontinue usage if allergy occurs.





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  • Content: Freckle Removal Energy Treatment Pack
    • Freckles Fluids 10ml
    • Freckle Removal Cream 10ml
  • Packaging: original
  • Condition: New
  • Country of Origin: Germany
  • Manufactured By: NCM Naturcosmetic GMBH Germany
  • Research Conducted By: Munich Life Science Research Institute


Tested free from heavy metals by SGS Hong Kong. (Certificate Numbers 2000918/BS, 2000919/BS) For even more pronounced effects, use together with rhbFGF




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